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We have several devices for Body Contour.

Packages typically include:

Step 1: Activation of the lymphatic system

We can do manual lymphatic drainage or we can do the pressure therapy. The pressure therapy can be applied for 20 minutes.

Step 3: Radiofrequency

Can be applied for 10 minutes after cavitation in area. This treatment can be used for skin tightening and also cellulite works excellent.

Step 2: Cavitation

(if patient is applicable) For patients for fat reduction can be also used for cellulite patients as well. This treatment is applied for a max of 20 minute per area.

Step 4: Vacuum Therapy/ Manual Metal Therapy Tools

This can be used to provide the body contour snatched look. You can use the Dermologie ( larger system which is gret for cellulite as well and lymph functions) , traditional vacuum therapy or the manual metal tools.

Standard Body Contour consists of this combination which is the Activation of lymphatic, Cavitation, Radiofrequency and Massager/ Vacuum. This combination pricing is $140 per session and up depending on location.

  •  1 hour session per AREA

  • When we are working legs we are only doing legs by itself!

  •  Thighs and butt is 2 areas that work well together ! sister areas !

  •  You can couple arms with abdomen, arms with back,etc.

Pressure Therapy:

Pressure therapy can be used for different things. Can be used to accelerate lymphatic activation and help with detox, fat loss, metabolism, circulation, recovery. OVERALL is a good wellness treatment


Cavitation is the option for the fat breakdown. Typically, this is done complementary to radiofrequency.


Can be used for skin tightening. This is a good treatment that you can complement also with the EMSCULPT/CIRCUIT SLIM.


Patients with more flaccid loose skin can use more of the modalities which include the radiofrequency and the EMSCULPT.


-Package of Circuit Slim/ Emsculpt is done over a series of 2 weeks with 6 sessions included. If client is doing dietary modifications and treatment it is good to leave the Emsculpt to end of treatment.

- Radiofreuqency can be done the same day as the Emsculpt. Must be done prior to emsculpt. Time of radiofrequency prior should be 15 minutes per area.

- Circuit Slim: If patient is not doing dietary modification/cavitation/rf we can sell them independently emsculpt. Pricing for circuit slim by itself is $400 min per session.

Package is $2400.00.

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